Private D&D Adventure Session - Price is for entire group

Private Group Session of D&D (Time: 3-4 hours/Session, Group Size: 1-6 people)

About this experience

Attention: Due to high demand for our services, we recently increased the cost of private session to $200/session This also allows for more preparation time. Please contact us about the most updated availability. 

With this, you book a 3-4 hour session for yourself and up to five of your friends and family to experience a one-of-a-kind Dungeons and Dragons adventure. Whether you are new or seasoned, we'll construct a game you will remember - tailored to your preferences and experience levels.

We offer a selection of pre-made characters if you've never made characters before, and we allow for a very improvisational roleplaying format if you do not feel comfortable with the rules of the game. Our belief is that rules shouldn't stand in the way of a player having a good time!

What you need to play:

  • An open mind and a thirst for adventure!

  • 3-4 free hours for play

  • A rough idea for a type of character you'd like to play

  • A cooperative attitude

  • A computer or phone with Discord or Zoom installed or access to Roll20


  • A pen and paper for taking notes

  • An account on

  • Character sheet for a level 3 5th edition character (or a pre-made character)

  • A set of polyhedral dice or a virtual dice roller

To help guide your experience, you may select from a range of story scenarios to play through (like an escape room!) 

Below are some example adventures:

A Dwarf in the City of Titans - Our version of the acclaimed introductory adventure Lost Mines of Phandelver involves assisting your dwarven contact locate the ruins of an ancient magical forge, and a ton of mishaps along the way! This takes place in a custom dark-fantasy sandbox with hooks for many other adventures. Think of it as a fantasy adventure sampler!

Visitors in a Strange Land - Your characters awaken in a strange land, ruled over by a tyrannical Vampyre - the devil Strahd! He exerts complete control over this land; from the people, to the beasts, to the very weather. He treats adventurers like playthings, "inviting them" into his demesne and watching them struggle. His one desire is to bend the young maiden Tatyana to his will. The only way for your characters to make it home is to slay him and end the curse! Can you do that and protect Tatyana from Strahd's evil clutches?

When Hell breaks loose, Heroes break bones! - Your characters were visiting the city of Elturel when the entire city was mysteriously drawn through a portal to the first level of the Nine Hells. Amid the chaos and rubble of the ruined city, your characters find several survivors who are depending on heroes to find a way to return the city to its original realm. To do so, you must stop the fallen angel Zariel from completing her dark plan to convert the inhabitants of Elturel into new devils for her army!

Grey Horse of Brogerin - Your characters happen across the village of Brogerin which has a bit of a haunting problem. Recently, something has angered a local horse skeleton, which is now causing great damage to the village's trade. The village is populated by strange and desperate folks hoping to return to their "normal" lives. They need a hardy group of adventurers to get to the bottom of this ghost problem.

Within the Crypt of the Nesatul - Rumors of a treasure hoard, a great collection of silver, have finally reached your party's ears. To find this life-changing treasure, you must brave the dark and twisting halls of the ancient Crypt of Nesatul, an ancient and bloodthirsty noble family from long ago. One problem: This crypt is currently the main base of operations for a collective of bandits. What secrets might you uncover? Perhaps there is a reason such things were buried deep and forgotten...

A Cold-Blooded Goddess Awakes - A collection of northern settlements are overcome by a cloak of impenetrable winter. A once dormant goddess of winter has awakened and turned its wrath toward the towns, causing darkness to creep into the hearts of their inhabitants. Adventurers are called to solve a recent murder, that may or may not have ties to the cursed wintry weather.

Your Host

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Ethan has been playing tabletop roleplaying games for more than 17 years. His background is in Linguistics, in which he holds a Master's Degree and is finishing his Ph.D. For him, science and fantasy both represent invaluable methods of exploring the human mind and its infinite creativity.

What most excites him about playing these games is the infinite potential to be surprised by the story and the promise that the story you generate with your group has never been told before. Whether playing with friends or strangers, new players or veterans, D&D is an amazing way to build strong bonds through collaborative storytelling!

Ethan's games often borrow from the themes and aesthetics of the broader dark fantasy literature, such that the game serves as a venue for heroes to explore moral quandaries as deep and mystifying as forgotten dungeons. Heroes of all races and backgrounds can work together to face the threats presented by nefarious cultists, lumbering undead, scheming nobles, or invaders from faraway worlds. However not all must be grim and dark - silliness and humor are expected and encouraged, too!

Ethan strives to provide an inclusive, respectful, and unique experience, since those three qualities are key to making it a fun experience.