Action-ready Characters

A sample of level 3 pre-generated characters designed for newer players

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The names are just suggestions, and feel free to change whatever as it suits you. These are just some fun character concepts I came up with for new players if they are intimidated by making new ones. Some of these make references to Aerselion-specific lore to help them be more rooted in the setting. These use standard 5e rules (SRD and PHB).

What kind of adventurer are you?

“Slamund Bayn”, Dwarf Fighter

I grew up in Vurgorim, the “Guilded City”. I was the son of a merchant, and our family dealt in books and antiquities. When it was discovered by the Scrivener’s Guild that my father was underpaying his fees, we lost our standing in society and became outcasts. With our finances and my future prospects ruined, I turned to prizefighting to earn meals for my father. It turned out that rage is the best weapon, and I had that to spare. But, when I lost a game rigged by the Gambler’s Guild, I left my city in anger - vowing to live my life unencumbered by the Guilds. Now I hunt monsters to buy my ale, in whatever shape I find them.

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“Margun Croft”, Halfling Druid

My people have always been close to the spirits of the land. I heard their voices from an early age. I took the form of animals in my every dream, and I knew that I was called to protect the natural world. When I was young, a plague came to our camp and many found their rest. My parents now live among the spirits of the Moon, and I wander wherever its light shines to strengthen my connection to them and the spirits of all the land. In return, the animal spirits share their shapes, and the spirits of the trees guide me to food wherever I travel.

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“Arelel Clay”, Elf Wizard

I never had a childhood. My first breaths were taken as an adult when I came fully formed into existence, conjured from the insane dreams of a Beholder. I fled my cradle instantly, afraid of what would happen if I stayed. When I learned enough about my body to sustain myself with food and shelter, I then decided I would learn anything else it took to survive. I soon found that my body is not like normal bodies - I can do things others can’t. Magic comes naturally to me, and I hunger to learn more.

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“Beoryn Cim”, Human Thief

I’ve always been a gambler. I get it honest from my dad. In the neighborhood where we grew up, even going out at night was a gamble but I became good at it. I learned from an early age how to defend myself by hiding and by striking first. Until one time I went too far. I took my revenge against a man who was terrorizing my neighbor and her daughter. The problem was that he was the nephew of a low-level boss in the Ghostcloaks. My dad paid my dues with his hand, and I was forced into service to spare the rest of him. Now I do odd jobs for the Cloaks, until I can afford my full freedom.

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“Salem Albrite”, Human Cleric

From an early age, I was drawn to history. I would ask my mother more than she knew - pestering all around me with the how’s and why’s of the world. The topics I was most interested in were the Saints, and the Phage. One day, a wanderer came to our village - the dangerous kind, the dead kind. It stumbled into our village from the mists while I was weaving baskets for the harvest and I knew I would have to defend my family. When I prayed for the strength to do it, I was answered. Saint Tyr took my hand and I was able to slay the beast. I knew then I would become a champion in his name, spreading his hope and smiting all dead abominations.

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Make Your Own Character!

You might choose to construct your own adventurer that matches your preferred style or story. You can elect to use a class or race that's not represented among the other pre-gen characters here. We also offer 1-on-1 character creation sessions if you are less familiar with the character generation process. Our DM can help you bring your ideas from concept to character sheet, or provide you with more prompts to further develop your ideas. We ask that you keep character levels restricted to level 3, and that you only utilize character options from the official D&D 5e Player's Handbook, or other official D&D 5e sourcebooks. Our DM may ask to see character sheets ahead of time to discuss options with you to ensure everyone has the best possible experience together. We prefer that characters in shared sessions not start with magic items, so that everything is fair at the table.