EBook - Aerselion Campaign Setting - by Ethan Myers

EBook - Aerselion Campaign Setting - by Ethan Myers

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This product is a fully fleshed out campaign setting, designed as a home for table-top RPG campaigns desiring a dark fantasy aesthetic. This product includes:

  • A new world with 10 regions; complete with maps, political descriptions, and histories
  • Detailed information about the world's history, economics, and culture
  • More than 8 new factions to include in your own games
  • A completely new homebrew pantheon with new art for each deity
  • New items, materials, diseases, and poison descriptions
  • Advice on running a dark fantasy campaign; themes, history of the genre, aesthetics
  • A new system for generating adventures
  • A detailed starter town for use in this setting and dozens of adventure seeds
  • A glossary full of idioms and slang for use in other worlds



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