Private 1-on-1 Session for D&D Introduction & Character Creation Workshop

Private 1-on-1 Session for D&D Introduction & Character Creation Workshop (Time: 1 hours/Person)

About this experience

Dungeons & Dragons has a rich history and a vibrant sub-culture with traditions and tropes developed over several decades. The rules and expectations for playing D&D may seem daunting at first, but it's quite easy to get the hang of it! Nonetheless, if you want a veteran player’s guidance when making your first foray into this hobby then this is the perfect opportunity to get your questions answered. If requested, Ethan would love to help you develop your first D&D character or campaign setting. Ethan is ready to explain: - The basic rules of D&D - The flow of an average game - How to make a character - How to run games as a DM - Any other question you might have This hour is yours to use to ask whatever questions you might have about D&D. We are also prepared to spend the hour creating your first D&D character (the rules, playing them, making a backstory, etc.)

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Ethan has been playing tabletop roleplaying games for more than 17 years. His background is in Linguistics, in which he holds a Master's Degree and is finishing his Ph.D. For him, science and fantasy both represent invaluable methods of exploring the human mind and its infinite creativity.

What most excites him about playing these games is the infinite potential to be surprised by the story and the promise that the story you generate with your group has never been told before. Whether playing with friends or strangers, new players or veterans, D&D is an amazing way to build strong bonds through collaborative storytelling!

Ethan's games often borrow from the themes and aesthetics of the broader dark fantasy literature, such that the game serves as a venue for heroes to explore moral quandaries as deep and mystifying as forgotten dungeons. Heroes of all races and backgrounds can work together to face the threats presented by nefarious cultists, lumbering undead, scheming nobles, or invaders from faraway worlds. However not all must be grim and dark - silliness and humor are expected and encouraged, too!

Ethan strives to provide an inclusive, respectful, and unique experience, since those three qualities are key to making it a fun experience.